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A simple application that allows you to add curve text to pictures.


★ CURVE TEXT – SWIPE TO TYPE – A simple application that allows you to add curve text to pictures.

★ Features of CURVE TEXT – SWIPE TO TYPE – Add Curve Text to Photo App

– You can draw the curve to make a curve text. Influence with your draw.

– More than 50 fonts are available. You can install other fonts.

– Text size is changeable.

– Text color is changeable.

– Text shadow is changeable.

– Text is rotatable.

– Text stroke color and width is changeable.

– Text background color is changeable.

– Letter spacing is changeable

– Line spacing is changeable

★ CURVE TEXT – SWIPE TO TYPE – A huge elements library about stickers, logos with basic shape or on your curve finger drawing

Edited by the filters and creative .

★ CURVE TEXT – SWIPE TO TYPE – Point your moments by adding curve text, pro editor.

Remember.. If you type words on pictures, you save your moment with unique photo memories! An excellent opportunity to write on pictures of your cherished moments and decorate them with an original background..


Now your pictures can have a thousand words with CurveText crazy fonts to decorate your pictures with words, quotes, and share it with your friends.

Don’t worry about restrictions, type whatever and wherever you want.

Draw a line with your finger and your text will appear along the line.

We also provide simple shapes, like a spiral, circle, or square. Our

app works great for anyone into scrapbooking, artistic photos, or even

just making fun pictures to share.

Path On features a lot of different fonts – no additional cost and

unlimited use, of course with the ability to adjust the size,

alignment, letter spacing, and more. You can also make your fonts stand out even more by changing the backdrop or using one of our great filters.

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