Edge Touch

## Who is this app for? ##

– If you easily register accidental touches on edge/s when using a curve/bezeless phone

– If you easily register accidental touches on edge/s when holding phone with one/both hand

– If you need to block certain edge/s when playing games such as PUBG, Mobile Legend

– If you need to block certain edge/s for specific Application/s

– If you need to block certain edge/s everywhere except for specific Application/s


## The Noes *Cause I’m relying on this app myself* ##

– No (internet, disk/storage access, dodgy etc) app permissions requested. See App permission section

– No Ads

– No tracking (That’s why it’s hard to track crashes)

– No in app purchase

– No battery drain

– No slowing down your phone

– No persisting notification to keep app running

– No pretty design and icon 🙁


## Features ##

– Highly customizable edge block. See Customization section

– Support individually/shared customization

– Support portrait and/or landscape

– Support intelligent avoidance on (selected app, system ui, keyboard etc)

– Quick settings (in notification) to toggle enable/disable/show/hide

– Auto starts on boot

– Lightweight and fast


## Customization ##

– Portrait and/or Landscape

– Enable/disable

– Show/hide

– ARGB color if shown

– Thickness

– Length

– Position on screen

– Disable when collide with selected app/s

– Enable only when collide with selected app/s

– Disable when collide with system ui (status, volume, nav bar)

– Auto resize when collide with keyboard


## Security note ##

– App does not request internet access. So not possible to receive any data in and/or transmit and data out

– App does not request disk/storage access. So not possible to write and store any data


## App permission ##

– [request delete packages] meant for prompting a dialog to request uninstalling edge touch app when user have both this and donation version installed. This app will not function properly if both of them are installed

– [run foreground service] meant for querying installed applications to allow user select which application/s (when runs in foreground) to enable/disable edge blocking


## Runtime permission ##

– [accessibility service] meant for running in background, starts upon boots, render blocks, detect application/keyboard/system ui.


These permissions are dangerous as they allow developers to read everything rendered on the screen. Fear not, as mentioned in Security note section, if the app do reads information rendered on the screen, it has no possible way to record and/or sending them out. Feel free to contact developer if you have any concern on this.

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