Free voice changer

Free Voice Changer with Voice Effects: Funny Voice Changer to change your voice


Do you need some unusual voice effects to shock your friends?

Do you want a voice game or a voice change app for entertainment?

Do you want to try funny voice effects and speak them out with a voice avatar?

Do you need to dub your video with funny sounds or funny voice on Youtube or on Tik Tok ?

Do you have the need to change voice male to female or change voice female to male on some occasions?


If you do, then it’s just the time to download this free voice changer app: Free Voice Changer – Voice Effects & Voice Changer

Free Voice Changer – Voice Effects & Voice Changer is a funny voice changer that can change your voice to another sound effect. It can not only change voice while recording, but also through importing the audio files from your mobile phone. All sounds can be changed!


Free Voice Changer – Voice Effects & Voice Changer has a variety of voice avatars, you can use them and share with friends.



When you make your girlfriend angry, you can use this celebrity voice changer free to change your voice into her favorite character for apology.

When you want to make your parents or grandparents happy by this change voice app, you can record their voices and convert to little girl voice or little boy voice , to bring back the childhood memories.

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