Voice Dairy

Private protected voice, video, vlog, photo diary & journal, mood tracker


Voice Diary with photos & videos is designed for espacially for diary. It is keeps your private memories on your phone or tablet. Log events you’ve had in the day with your own voice, video and pictures. This journal is encrypted by you to prevent anyone else from entering.


You can write with keyboard , record your voice, capture your videos and photos.


Allows you to keep track of your emotions and feelings.



Your personal information is only stored on your device./b>

This app does not require internet connection. Only storing data on your device (Except With your decision you can backup to google drive)


Exporting photos, videos and audios

If you want, you can also share your diary with your friends. Just press share button on your media.


There is no limitations, it’s completely unlimited

You can create as many diariy as you want. You can record audio and video as long as you want. There is no limit to adding photos.( A bit exception if your device has not a enough storage )


Set password for Journal

Regardless of the password on your lock screen, you can only create password protection specific to your diary


Backup via Google drive

You can back up your blog to your own google drive account.


Multiple daily pages can be prepared for one day


A diary where you write your experiences and see only you


View your created logs in calendar view.

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