Auto Photo compressor

Automatic Compress Photo & Backup Original to Cloud Drive


Are you looking for photo compress app that can compress your photos automatically on your pre-set days and times? Congratulation! You’ve just found the best photo compress app.


Auto Photo Compress is the world’s first photo compress app that runs automatically on your pre-set days or times even when you are offline! Now you can compress and save up to 90% of your phone’s storage without compromise your photos quality.


Auto Photo Compress will automatically detect your new uncompressed photos and backup your original high-resolution photos to your cloud storage before compression without hindering your user experience.


The best part of this app:

Compress photo using default configuration to preserve same photo quality even after compression.


Let you compress individual, batch or all photos in seconds.

Schedule automated photo compress on your pre-set days and times.

Both manual and schedule compression works even offline!


Supported image formats:



App Features:

• Photo compress

• Batch photos compress

• Schedule automatic photo compress

• Compress photo on any size

• Save compressed photos to SD card

• Backup original photos to cloud storage or NAS

• Support Google Drive, OneDrive, Drop Box and personal NAS

• Automatic backup original photos prior to compression

• Compress and free up to 90% of your phone’s storage


Auto Photo Compress is an ideal app for user that has limited phone’s storage issue, or those who often share or upload photos like social media influencers, website owner, blogger, online seller, designer, artist, traveler, property agent, hobbyist, or simply a mother whom document every moments of their child. Our friendly user interface could helps you free your phone’s storage without compromise the photos quality.


Auto Photo Compress

The compressed photos can be easily share or upload to your social media account, chat messages that has size limitation, and email as well.


Support Us

Our app is constantly undergoing improvement. If you have any feedback for us to improve, please send us an email with your feedback or suggestions. If you like our app, please rate us on the play store and share it with your friends.

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