Color flash screen when notification come.

Edge light application has an amazing user interface to use and it make your mobile screen totally adorable with attractive lighting.


Notification alert is simple and fast, and also easy to use! You just need a click, and you will never miss a call with a gorgeous caller id!The flashlight blinking help to remind you the incoming call in a cool way.


When you have a message, the screen will light up, like a super bright LED for calls and color screen lights. When the dark or your cell phone is in mute state, you still know who is trying to contact you, thanks to flash alerts LED. You must have LED flash to make a phone call, especially when you don’t want to miss any phone.


Edge Lighting on Notifications and Call :- Edge Lighting App allows you to set Galaxy Edge Lighting on Notifications and Calls.


Notify light flash features:

– Includes 30+ Themes to customize notification alert screen

– Battery friendly, Power saving

– Raise to wake amazing flash screen when raise your phone.


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