Every Timer

Wi-Fi,Bluetooth,silent mode and apps can be turned on and off automatically.


**main function**

-Auto launch and shutdown of apps

-Wifi auto on off (only below androidQ)

-Bluetooth auto on off

-Automatic on-off of mobile data (only below android 4.4)

-Automatic on-off of mobile hotspot (to be updated later)

-Automatically run vibration mode (no off mode)

-Automatically run sound mode (no off mode)

-Silent mode automatic execution (no off mode)


This app is an alarm timer with App, WiFi, Bluetooth, network, and automatic mode settings.

You can start and stop apps automatically at any time, and of course, WiFi, Bluetooth, and more.


Mobile data is automatically controlled only in versions below Android 5.0 according to Google policy.


Commute, study, you can use it to suit your time of sport.

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