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With ShakeIt, run your favorite app or an action by shaking your phone !


With ShakeIt you can run your favorite application in a split-second ! Shake your phone for the magic operates.

ShakeIt offers an energie mode that your phone’s battery is effective as usual. Thanks to this mode, ShakeIt operates only when the screen is on, you will not be able to launch an action by mistake in your pocket.



• run any installed application on your phone.

• expand status bar

• show/hide recent apps

• turn on/off flashlight

• turn on/off data mobile

• turn on/off wifi

• turn on/off Bluetooth

• go back home

• turn on/off GPS

Save App link

• turn on/off screen rotation

• music control for Google Play Music (may not work with others players

• and others still to come…


Set up according to your wishes

• sensor sensitivity

• energie mode

• start ShakeIt at phone startup

• hide ShakeIt notification

• auto-off mode for the flashlight


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