Call of time limits app download

The application limits the time of outgoing calls and incoming calls.


Call Timer is an application that helps users to schedule each outgoing or incoming call.

It’s handy when you register for in-network calling packages in 10p, 15p, …



1. Call timer:

– Turn on or turn off call time limit when using or not using.

– Specific time appointment as you want.

– Set the time to alert when the time is running out and vibrate for how long (seconds).

– Allows you to choose how to display the time clock when making a call and can customize the size.

– While making a call, you can activate the automatic callback function after the appointment time expires.

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2. Recording calls:

– Turn on or turn off call recording when using or not using.

– Settings for the list to be recorded:

+ Record all calls and list you want to record.

+ Recording according to the installed list.

– Secure the recording list by PIN lock.

– Automatically detect contacts name for call recording list.

– Set up where to save the recording file

– Manage recording lists according to list items: All, outgoing calls, incoming calls.

– Share and delete audio files.



Dual SIM phone: Leave the software Limit the call time to run well on two SIM phones, you need to specify the default SIM (Best is SIM 1) for calls and make calls from the default SIM . This can be done by adjusting the configuration in the “Settings” app (SIM card section) of the system.

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