Max dubul wallpaper

Provide you with a full range of beautiful wallpapers


An app containing a large number of beautiful 3D&Double wallpapers, now launched a new feature 4K Wallpaper


We are  a dedicated team, providing you with unique beautiful wallpapers, while bringing you a comfortable and unique product experience, we will do our best


Daily New High-Quality Free Wallpapers

Looking forward to the next day’s wallpaper? Supplement your screen with exclusive wallpapers, and we always guarantee the freshness of your mobile wallpaper, making your device a source of self-expression, joy, inspiration and beauty!

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Concise Charm

Simplicity brings style to your heart. Her UI will save you from all unnecessary clutter, all you need to do is just a few clicks to get your favorite type of high-resolution wallpapers.


Save Battery and Resources

Your phone will fit our wallpaper size, which saves battery power and Internet traffic without compromising image quality.


Lightweight Applications

You will use the application at the fastest speed without taking up too much phone memory, and you don’t need to worry about slow loading of images, because we have made the best optimization


Creative Wallpapers

Superb Wallpaper Max is a high-quality, selective 3D HD wallpaper app made by artists specifically for your device.


* Disclaimer: All pictures listed in this application are licensed in the public domain or uploaded by artists. Users are required to use these images only as wallpapers / backgrounds.

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