All Money lock screen

Money Lock Screen: Set banknote as locker wallpaper, curl banknote to unlock.



18 currencies: United States dollar, Euro, British pound…

45 banknotes

Request new currencies and banknotes

Select HD banknote as lock screen wallpaper

Banknote lock screen

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Curl any corner of the money

Curl the money in any direction

Realistic flying money or falling money animations

Curl to unlock


Intruder Selfie

Snap a secret photo when intruder enters wrong PINs

Send intruder photo directly in your email inbox

Show intruder notification on unlock

Money Lock Screen is a unique intruder selfie lock screen



Curl money to show PIN keypad, enter PIN to unlock

4~8-digit PINs

Money Lock Screen is a secure PIN lock screen



Switch between day and night mode or light and dark mode

Lock notification bar, disable notification panel from being pulled down on lockscreen

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