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Secure your chat using Chat Locker – Lock private chats – Guaranteed Privacy


Whatsapp is one of the widely used chat applications around the world and its popularity and dependency is growing at an exponential rate. Most of us use Whatsapp for our daily communications, send and receive greetings, pictures, invitations, documents and what not? Whatsapp has indeed brought a revolution on how people communicate and has contributed for much more faster, collaborative, productive and interactive communications, enabling people to take proactive decisions. However, while our dependency and reliability on whatsapp can be clearly justified, it is the breach of our privacy by unwanted intruders which we need to be worrying about, sincerely. Our messages and communications are our own and always private (unless we voluntarily decide to publish) and we definitely do not want anyone other than us to look into them, of-course it is not good manners either to peek into other’s personal chats as well. This is where the Chat Locker app comes into play. The Chat Locker app conveniently secures your Whatsapp chats with secured password and fingerprint authentication. The app allows you to lock your private contacts in whatsapp by restricting anyone’s access to them. You can lock individual contacts or even groups, which can be unlocked only after authorizing with your set password or biometric verification.

The Chat Locker app helps you to lock your whatsapp chats or group chats, secures your privacy, restricts intruders from peeking or hacking into your private whatsapp chats. Now all you need to do is, install the Chat locker app, select your whatsapp contact or group to lock, set your desired password and that’s it.,you can now be assured of complete safety of your whatsapp chats and leave the fear of someone snooping into your privacy.

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Main Uses –

— Lock your Private Whatsapp chats

— Secure your privacy by protecting your private messages, photos and videos.

— Big relief from hackers! No more worrying about intruders.

— Unlock the chat contact or group anytime, with just a simple long press

How to use Chat Locker?

Using Chat Locker is extremely simple and does not require to be a tech savvy. Here are the simple steps to use the Chat Locker app.


—-Launch the Chat Locker app

—-Set your numerical password

—-Click on “Next” – Your password will be set.

—-Grant accessibility permission by clicking on “ENABLE”

—-Under your device’s accessibility screen, switch ON the services for the Chat Locker app

—-Get back to app, click on the “+” icon on the bottom right corner of the home screen.

—-Select the Whatsapp contact or group to lock.

—-Your locked contact or group will be displayed on the app home screen.

—-Long press on the displayed locked contact/group to unlock again.



Your locked chat contacts and groups can also be unlocked with your device fingerprint authentication without the password. Here is how to do that.


—-Open your whatsapp and select your locked chat contact.

—-The Chat Locker app’s password authentication screen appears.

—-Click on the Fingerprint icon next to the number “0”

—-Scan your fingerprint on your device’s sensor

—-You now have access to your locked contact or group.


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