Christmas Photo editor

Create beautiful and attractive pictures with amazing glitter effects.


Add some sparkle to your photos and make them glamorous. Create Halo Effects add some Aura around, or make your moments magical.


Sparkle Effects is a unique combination of Glitter Photo Effects which allows you to create extra-ordinary Glitter Effect Pictures.


Sparkle Effects provides hand draw effects feature. Just select the picture and hand draw effects on the picture from multiple glitter dust effect patterns. Sparkle Effects also provide photo effects, sticker and text so that you can get perfect result every time.


For improving your photography you have to use various kind of effects from Sparkle Effects that gives new look to your photo.


You can depict your photos more beautiful, attractive, fantastic, amazing, wonderful, fabulous, tremendous, great, remarkable and

decorate with the help of our Sparkle Effects given in the beautiful glitter photo collection.

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> Kawaii Effects

> Aura Effects

> Halo Effects

> Soft Light Effects

> Sparkle Effects





> Select picture from your gallery or capture new one from camera

> Hand draw effects on your picture from multiple glitter dust effect patterns

> Apply amazing photo effects

> Add decorative stickers

> Add your personalized text

> Save your creation ob SD card

> Show off your pics easily on social networking platform.


Sparkle effects is fully capable to make your dreams reality. Apply glitter effects with stars and glitter to your favorite photos.


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