Best Auto call Time settings

Auto Call Scheduler helps you schedule calls and make you relax;)


Need to schedule your calls?

Need to remember someone to call?

Need to make someone to wake up at a specific time? You don’t need to be awake 😉


Just relax 😉

This is the right application for you!


* You can now use “speaker on” setting to start call with speaker on

* Now you can remove ads by watching a video for 10 days.

* Repeat schedule by minute, hour, day, week and day of week

* Smooth and comfortable design

* Limitless schedule calls

* Setting alarm before call and asks if you want to call

* Reuse schedules by editing them

Download App link

* Delete or stop schedules by just one click after choosing them

* Auto hang up after specific time(Some phones don’t support that feature)

* Enter an explanation before start schedule when “Ask Before Call” is selected

* You can duplicate schedule by long clicking on it in list page


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