Save with what’s App number chat

A nifty tool to chat with a contact on Whatsapp without saving the number.


Ever been in a situation where someone called you and you wanted to contact them via WhatsApp? Or You want to send a message to someone but don’t want to save their number to your phonebook? Then Click to Chat is for you.


Click to Chat app uses WhatsApp’s public api  to open a chat with a number without saving it your phonebook (it is NOT possible to spy other conversations).




Click to Chat has a local directory of businesses which are on WhatsApp and helps the user to connect to the businesses with a single tap. The local directory includes categories such as:

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Consumer Electronics













Enter a phone number without saving to Phonebook and chat directly

Type an optional message to be sent directly to the phone number

Option to change country code

A directory of local businesses on WhatsApp

Suggest Businesses on WhatsApp

Chat with yourself (A nifty WhatsApp solution to save all your notes 😉

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