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Customize your volume panel slider by applying different volume styles & themes


Volume Styles with Themes gives you the option to control and operate volume operators according to your needs and taste. Take full control and enjoy all the features that you cannot enjoy without spending lots of bucks otherwise. We give it to you for free. Add colors to your devices and your day to day life with our volume styles by downloading our free android app.


When you land into the app it welcomes you by saying customize your volume styles

Then comes the next screen where you have to permit the volume styles app by adding permissions. When you are done with that, simply go the select styles tab and when you click it, you will land on the styles page where you can easily select a style for the volume panel of your choice.


The options are:

• New Style

• Waves


• Android 10

• Modern Style

• iPhone 11

• Minions

• Jewelry

• Gradient X1

• Our Theme


Simply click on the active button shown on each of the volume styles added in the app, and it will start working on your phone.


Our users of volume styles can easily enable all the themes with fewer clicks and the style will be activated immediately. Each volume style and theme is designed in such a way that will add the exact colors of the themes used in top devices of the world. All the volume styles are fully responsive and can deal with media volume, ringtone volume, and alarm clock at the same time.


Key Benefits of the volume style app are:

• Sleek Volume Assistant

• Unique style assistant

• Control volume with fingertips

• Perfect themes and skins are present

• Efficient volume technologies are used

• Easy Volume Buttons to add ease

• No need for Extra vibrators

• Versatile Volume app

• Quick panel for Volume controls

Download App link

Our versatile volume style app is can help you to customize your device’s volume panels and the sliders quickly and easily. Change the themes and apply volume styles for iOS, Android, change them every day, and add a taste of different technologies to your day to day life.


Below are the options for volume style application that can be accessed when you download it:

• Media Volume

• Ring Volume

• Notification Volume

• Alarm Volume

• Voice Call Volume

• System Volume

• Cast Volume

• Brightness

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