Hide contact

Hide contacts from your Contacts list and WhatsApp with this app


This amazing app lets you hide private contacts to avoid conflicts with your partner, friends and even your boss!


Create an invisible contacts list where you can safely hide WhatsApp contacts and phone numbers from your Contacts list. Only you can access your hidden contacts via a safe and reliable security system.


This app uses a highly secure authentication system, giving you the option to set up an Access PIN, Lock Pattern or Calculator Lock, in combination with a highly advanced intruder alarm. You can also protect your photos with fingerprint authentication.


Activate ‘false mode’ with a separate access code and share this false password to display another list of contacts of your choosing. In this way your real hidden contacts list will go undetected. To activate this option simply enter Settings and press Activate False Mode.


With this app you can make your contacts invisible, hide your ex’s number and activate a security system with intruder alarm to alert you if somebody tries to access your private contacts.


Main Features:


Hide contacts from your Contacts list

Hide WhatsApp contacts

Make contacts invisible

Access PIN

Lock Pattern

Camouflage Calculator

Intruder alarm

Restrict contacts

Activate False Mode


This app needs permission to access your contacts in order to be able to hide them. We do not save or share your contacts with anyone. Your private contacts are safe and stored locally on your device only.

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