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Create your own sticker packs for WhatsApp, cut out your photos or import memes!


Create your own sticker packs from WhatsApp. You can use memes, or your own photos, any photo from your phone will work,


Make Sticker packs for pet, your girlfriend, your family, your friends in 4 easy steps.

1. Select name for your pack

2. Add the stickers to the pack, cut them with your finger.

3. Publish the Sticker pack



Please note: If you can’t add the stickers to WhatsApp, it means you haven’t received the latest update. You can wait for the update to come via google play, or update via the website of WhatsApp.

How to use the Sticker Maker for WhatsApp

1. Use the Create New button and choose an image from camera, gallery or files (camera and photo storage permissions are required)

2. Once an image is chosen, you can crop, rotate or flip it if required. Use square crop and select the full image if needed. Click Crop when done

3. To erase background from the photo, click Eraser. Touch and move the eraser as needed and then click Save

4. Use the Move tool to move or resize the photo

5. To add funny elements like spectacles, beards and hats, click Decorations

6. Use the Text option to write anything on the sticker. Change font or color to make it look good

7. Add emojis to the sticker from Emoji page

8. With the Brush tool, you can draw anything on the sticker

9. Use the Undo or Redo buttons if you make mistakes

10. Click Save when you’re done with the design

11. Click the + plus button to add more stickers to a sticker pack. Choose a name for your pack and click Save

12. Add this personal sticker pack to WhatsApp with the Add to WhatsApp button.


Remove ads by choosing Premium

To remove all advertisements from the app and to support the developers, click the Crown icon or Remove Ads from menu and choose Get Premium.


Create stickers for WhatsApp

Stickify Maker integrates with WhatsApp and can add your stickers in WhatsApp’s stickers section. Create your own WhatsApp sticker collection today by using our WhatsApp sticker editor. You can also share the full WhatsApp sticker pack with your friends using the Share icon. Powered by WAStickerApps.

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Celebrate every occasion with Stickify Creator

Works for every feeling, event & language:

– Happy birthday & anniversary sticker maker

– Text and custom font stickers

– Brazilian stickers with Portuguese text

– Indonesian custom stickers

– Malayalam & Hindi stickers

– Love & dialogue stickers

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