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Convert your WhatsApp voice notes to text


Have you ever been receiving voice messages from WhatsApp and not being able to listen at that time? Now you can convert them to text and know in time what your friends communicate, even when the situation does not allow. All this thanks to Transcriber, without time limits.

Convert your voice to text and share it via SMS or WhatsApp


It happened to you to want to write a WhatsApp message or an SMS and not be able to write. Thanks to this app you can transcribe your audio to text or message and send it by WhatsApp, SMS, or copy it for use on any social network. It works in several languages.


Simple and easy to use interface. You can convert your voice dictation into notes and share it without using WhatsApp keyboard.


Audio to text converter for WhatsApp with which you can pass your voice to text and send your messages without writing a single word.

Voice to Text X app is a Advance version of Voice to text app.


Voice to Text X app is a Advance version of Voice to text app. It Converts your voice into text then you can convert this text into upto 18 different languages.You can convert your messages into Hindi, punjabi, Marathi,Urdu, Spanish, French and upto 18 languages.

Voice to text X application is a very useful application while using ,

Whatsapp, fb messenger, Gmail, and in Bluetooth. Whatever we will speak , It will

convert your voice into text from any language.

example : when we use any chatting app for a long time.

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Then our hands starting pain,Sometimes it happens with us, and we can not type message further too much. So when you are using: Voice to text X, then you don’t need to type anything in your mobile phones.


Features :

1.Do you know while chatting you can use upto 18 different languages. Do not worry if you do not know any of these language. Voice to text X will work for you . It will convert your english message into your own language.

1.Just download this app and speak whatever message you want to send , it will write for you and convert your message into upto 18 plus different languages.


2.Sometimes we have to write a long email , at that time we don’t need to type for emailing.

just speak whatever you want to write,this app will auto-write everything in your email.


3. You can also share any text by Bluetooth through this app.


4. You can also use this app with fb messenger , in fb you also don’t need to write anything

to type a message. just speak your message, it will write everything for you.

Thank you.

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