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Easily Capture all your Stroke on your mobile via


The Smart Keylogger and keystrokes for android app let you records all keystroke on your mobile. it is very important for parent to monitor their children activity on their mobile for the positive use of self-phone. Smart keylogger app so many feature like you can protect the app via password, you can stop to make log of some app. You can also hide some of the app from the list.


The keylogger and keystrokes saver and monitor all your activity log which you can easily see and access many important data from their. For example you have given some message to your friend or employee and you forgot them so without any problem log to our typing saving app and see them. Now android present the most important tool for their user like a keylogger to save every touch of the mobile keyboard and every action of keystrokes.


The smart keylogger use your keyboard to save accurately every strikes of your action perform for activity log and save them completely in your mobile device locally. Once you install our keylogger and strokes for keeping your text recording we have no access and no information about your use and record. Only our application smart keylogger use accessibility service and internet permission to show adds.


Monitor their children browsing on the Internet and mobile local usage by using keeping keystroke log.


Permission to Be Required & Note :

The app use Accessibility Services. The data is stored locally on your mobile Means all log file is created on your mobile storage .


Permission Needed for this app:





Main function of Smart Keylogger: keystores logger for android

Monitor all keystrokes

Save all your text locally


Activity log

Capture log for every app separately

Keep date wise your keylogger activity for individual app

Keep your password strong and save

Preview your activity for later use

Monitor and check your children activity

Don’t need to memorize your use just sign in to smart keylogger and check

Smart flash logger Download

Feature of :

Easily make log of all keystroke , type writer and events

Nice Authentication feature

Hide App

Stop app log

Change icon and title

Txt Log file Viewer


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