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Powerful tools for WA. Complete tool kit for WA to chat in new stylish way


What’s tools app gives you a complete range of features to enhance your chatting experience. Now there is no need to download separate apps for chatting, in this tools kit you will find every useful feature that will make your chatting better.

This complete tool app is giving you exciting and useful features for your chatting. What’s tools app is coming with very easy and loaded features that will blow your mind and your friends’ circle will impress by seeing your new texting style every day. Try out this tools kit app and bring style to your chat.

What’s tool kit features list

👉 Text to Emoji 😍

You can convert your text into exciting emojis in one go. Just type any text like “Hello” and select emoji, it will write your text in that emoji you selected. This feature will add trendy touch to your chatting. You can now express your feeling in all new way by using this smart tool from what’s tool app. This way you can impress your friends by using this free tool from what’s tool kit app.

👉 Text Repeater 🤩

Chat with all new exciting features now, another one for your is text repeater. No need to type text again and again you just have to type it once and repeat the same text as many times as you want. This tools app gives you this feature free in this what’s tools app. Try this feature and blow their mind by you have typed that much long text, you can copy this and use it in other Social Media by using this text repeater powerful tool.

👉 Stylish Fonts 😎

What’s tools kit giving you another smart tool by using this you can send text in stylish way. Now chat with a style and write text in stylish font. Choose your favorite font and type text, this tool will add the selected font style to your text then you can share it easily in your chat. Be a text designer and chat in impressive stylish way. Impress your friends with your style.

👉 Blank Text 😮

This is another exciting tool for you to use in chatting. Now tease your friends by sending them blank messages and impress them. This feature of what’s tools will make it possible to send empty WA messages but you can also copy the empty text into your clipboard so that you can put on your status and other Social Networks you want to amaze your circle.

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👉 Mirror Text 🧐

Can you write mirror text? Are you that super genius?

This is a great talent to read or write text in mirror image form, not everyone can do it. But you can write mirror text by using this magical feature in tools for WA app. Impress your friends by writing mirror text and send them, they will be amazed by seeing this. This magical tool works amazingly as you just have to write text and this will give that mirror image. Show this magic to your friends and send them text in mirror image.

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What’s tools for WA is a complete tools app that gives you ease and various powerful tools that you can use in chatting and enhance your chatting experience by adding these smart tools in your life. What’s tools will make your life easier and exciting as you will have new tool to use every day. Now amaze your friends by sending them text by typing through these smart and magical tools from what’s tools app. Be a smart chatter and give your chatting a new style with What’s tools app that has collection of tools in it tool kit and try every smart tool for better and change experience.

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