Animated Stickers on video


Add lively effects on your videos!! TRY NOW!!!


Add lively effects on your videos and make them special. Animated Stickers on Video app provides tons of prebuilt Animated stickers to add to your videos.


Apply Animated stickers on Video easily. Provides various animated effects of animated sticker on video.

Have variety of graphics and animation effects to give freshness to your Video.Make Video With Animated Stickers like Valentine, Romantic, Emoji, Food, Funny, Cat. Make movie style video using Animated Stickers On Video.



Many animation effect for Animated Stickers on Video:

→ Animate Left to Right

→ Animate Right to Left

→ Animate Top to Bottom

→ Animate Bottom to Top

→ Diagonal Left

→ Diagonal Right

→ Diagonal Bottom Left

→ Diagonal Bottom Right

→ Animate Zig Zag

→ Animate Zig Zag Reverse


Many beautiful and attractive Animated Stickers for Video:

❤ Valentine

❤ Romantic

❤ Emoji

❤ Food

❤ Funny

❤ Cat


How to Use:

-Wish “happy valentine” with the latest Animated Stickers On Video.

-Select Video from custom app gallery.

-Select Animated Stickers for various category for your videos.

-Apply Animation of Animated Sticker as per your choice.

-Save your love videos and Share to any Social Media or to your friends easily.

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Animated Stickers On Video FEATURES:

1. Background Processing : Animated Stickers On Video works in background and let you do other things while adding Animated Sticker on videos, just select the option ‘Notify me when completed’ while processing and it will notify you when video processing is completed.

Download Animation Stickers future link

2. Animated Sticker: Apply Multiple transition of Animated Sticker, adjust speed and start time, adjust Opacity.

3. Preview Your Videos: You don’t need to create videos until you are satisfied with the animation and watermark positions.

4. Apply Animated Sticker on your videos and get your desired attention from others by sharing your eye catching videos with animated Stickers effects on social media.

5. Doesn’t Change Original Video Quality: Animated Stickers On Video doesn’t change the Original Video Quality.Supports MP4 and major format in Videos.


So go ahead, make your videos Special. Try Now!!!

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