Data Sleep

Give notifications a rest overnight so you can sleep


A simple lightweight app to automatically shut off data and syncing overnight to stop notifications from lighting up your phone, save battery and allows you to sleep better


With Data Sleep you set the start and end time and hit Set. That’s it.


Hit Cancel to cancel everything.


Each day at the same times your wifi/data and syncing will automatically shut off and turn back on at the set times.


Also available Ad-Free Pro version (helps me out):


No more blinking notification LED in the middle of the night

Only calls and SMS are allowed through (usually more important than email/facebook)

Saves battery while you’re not using your phone

Permissions Needed:


For controlling Wifi/Data/Syncing:

Write Settings

Write Sync Settings

Chang Network State

Access Wifi State

Change Wifi State

Update Device Stats

On Boot – settings are re-registered with system, otherwise are lost on restart

Wake Lock – only used when set time hits and changes settings. Not on all the time

Data Sleep future link

For the Sign-Up Advertising (Sorry gotta pay for coffee somehow):


Access Coarse Location – Not GPS

Get Accounts – Autofills your email address in form


Developed on a Samsung Galaxy SIII

Download Application

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