Camera Trigger

Camera Trigger temporary information app


Version 3.2.0 information: the app has been simplified for the main camera trigger functions.

Main functions includes; Motion detection with user selective regions, Sound detection mode, and Time lapse modes.

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If user need to use old version app (camera hide, wear watch support), please visit developer’s web site, and download old version (2.7.3) apk file until new version app is updated.

Selfie Trigger – A wireless selfie stick!! Awesome selfies, just a click away!!


Voted the most innovative app by several publishing platforms


A wireless selfie stick. Watch a live preview of your camera on your friend’s phone and take awesome selfies.

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What we provide :

–> A complete gesture based camera. Just swipe down anywhere on screen to click awesome photographs. Makes clicking photographs super easy.

–> Watch a live preview of your camera on your friend’s phone and take awesome selfies.


*All this happens without using the internet, so no worries even if you don’t have internet.

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How does this work?


One click connection. Just click as camera on one phone and as remote on another and that is all is required to connect two phones. It chooses the best way to connect phones either via WiFi or Bluetooth. But the good thing is that it happens all under the hood so you don’t have to worry about anything to connect two phones.

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Features :


— A complete gesture based camera. No buttons or anything to distract you from the actual photo on the screen.

Gestures :

— Swipe down to click photograph

— Swipe up to flip camera

— Long press anywhere on the screen to view the list of awesome filters.

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— No more need to stick with the same old close-up ‘selfie look’. Our app gives you the freedom to keep the camera phone anywhere and take amazing selfies because the ‘clicking’ is done using the other phone independently.


— Group photos are more awesome and easier than ever! Just keep the camera phone at a distance and the app does the rest for you! No more waiting for strangers to help, or having to settle with the boring ‘selfie’ angle!

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— No more trouble trying to locate the clicking button while using the rear camera! Because Selfie Trigger moves the trigger button to another device

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there are no more frustrating times of trying to place your thumb right.

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** If you’re crazy like us and are using this app in an awesome new way, we’d love to hear from you!


** We respect user privacy to its core. We do not send any of your personal data to our server.

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