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Lets’s Translate all languages & translate your chat direct from keyboard

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Chat Translator that lives inside your keyboard. That way you can translate message without switching applications when chatting with someone in Messenger, what Sapp, Facebook or any other social chatting applications.

All Language Translator translate unnumbered languages word by word. It we used around the world for its acknowledged role which it plays in our linguistic needs. Every language is the source of communication among different nations, communities, societies, and countries.

Chat translator keyboard & language translator is the best android app which will help you to learn multiple language with ease.

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Text & Chat Translator keyboard is the simplest translator you will find to chat, text and communicate. Now you don’t need to switch to other translator app, translator is built into your keyboard this means you can easily translate your chat to any language in any application.

Chat translator keyboard gives you a better keyboard that instantly translate what you are typing and also translates message you receive back. Which overall makes a seamless experience talking with foreigner in any language.

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Chat translator keyboard allows user to write another language straight from your keyboard its quick and easy switch between translator keyboard and your normal keyboard. You can use chat translator keyboard in any app write text, send emails, or translate your text to another language anywhere you like.

All Language Translator App translates all existing languages from one another.

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All Languages Translator helps you understand and learn whatever language you like. English is the most spoken language. It has been the source of communication internationally, and at the same time it’s the official language of more than 60 countries. And it’s the third language of almost every country in the world. So whatever language you want to change into English, then you may install this app.

Salient Features:

-Translates every language.

– Has own keyboard.

– Works with one tap once only.


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