Hide Photos,Videos


Audio Manager Vault: Hide photos,videos,audios,notes.

The Audio Manager Gallery Vault is a smart and secrate vault to hide photos,videos from gallery.


Hide your photos and videos behind secrate Audio Manager.




-Photos & videos protection: hidden files can only be accessed with correct password.


-Secrate lock: hide your files behind audio manager secrate lock and open vault by enter correct passcode and fingreprint(supported devices).


-Create Secrate Notes: Create secate notes inside vault and access only by enter ccorrect passcode.


-Hide Audios: you can also hide mp3 files inside vault.

-Share hidden files: you can also share hidden files from vault with security.


-Image SlideShow: Image SlideShow with custom duration


-FingrePrint Unlock: you can also open vault by your fingerprint(Supported devices)


-Fake passcode: Fake passcode will display empty vault.

Audio manager

-Passcode Recovery: In case of forgot passcode you can recover it by Entering correct Security Question/Answer.

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