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Convert voice into text with this voice recognizer and speech to text converter.

WhaMic – you in a rush to type fast and accurately in a foreign language? How about mixing things up with your foreign contacts? Take a break from searching voice converters online and try a new speech to text converter app today. With its new features and extremely easy workability, this app works equally good as a voice recognizer and a tool to convert voice. Try it today!

🔥Accurate Voice recognizer

Bid farewell to the cluttered voice typing apps as our app offers a much more hassle-free voice recognizing function. Simply tap and hold on the mic icon to record your voice and get it converted into word notes. Save notes and use them anywhere with complete confidence.

🔥Convert Voice into Text

Facing trouble in talking to a foreign friend? Want to seal an international deal without facing any miscommunication issues? Try the app and enjoy quick and easy voice conversion into text. With its highly moderated and Google supported text translation feature, it can not only translate your voice into any language but also save it in the form of text.

🔥Multiple Languages supported

No need to worry about the languages as this app supports tons of new languages from all over the world. You can perform voice to text Hindi, voice to text Bangla and voice to Text English with just a single tap on the screen. Download and use this safe, secure and highly useful app today.

🔥Voice Typing Keyboard

We built a voice typing keyboard for faster typing. This keyboard will support all your applications.

🔥Chat Without Save Number

You can direct chat any person you want without saving the number in the contact list. You don’t need to save the number in the contact list. So if you want to chat with some temporary contact you can chat that person using our app

How to use WhaMic: Voice to Text Converter App:

• Download and launch the voice converter app

• Enable mic access for app on your device

• Tap on the mic icon to record and initiate voice typing

• Convert voice text to English, voice text to Bangla, Voice text to Hindi and other multiple languages

• Tap and hold to record and convert text in notepad

• Hit the save button to save the converted text

• Copy and paste the text to use it anywhere you like

• Record, convert and enjoy!

Features of WhaMic: Voice to Text Converter App:

• Simple and easy speech to text converter app design

• Hassle-free layout and single tap voice to text conversion

• Quick voice typing in multiple languages supported by Google

• Enjoy voice to text English, Voice to text Hindi, Voice to text Bangla and many other conversions

• Fast and accurate voice recognizer for quick typing

• Save voice type note within the app notepad

• Share or copy/paste the final text anywhere you like

• Safe and secure voice to word converter and voice recognizing app

• 100% data security and privacy as app is highly moderated

• Online speech to word converter and recognizer app for everyone

• Tap and hold functionality to record voice instantly

• Share text with just a single click

Are you ready to enjoy the convenience of voice to text conversion in many languages? How about saving quick notes without typing them in the app? Save time and make notes quickly with this amazing voice recognizer and converter app. Download and use WhaMic: Voice to Text Converter App to convert voice into text today!

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