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Fill out spreadsheet. Build an AI-driven talking avatar in minutes.

Create an AI-drive, voice-based, interactive avatar in minutes.

Build your AI with a spreadsheet and no coding, or use your existing Google DialogueFlow, IBM Watson agent or RASA agent.

Full instructions are here:

AI Expert Documentation

* Your AI from a spreadsheet.

Enter the questions and answers for your expert to answer using only a Google Sheet spreadsheet. Your avatar will automatically respond to the answers that you specify as well as talk and gesture automatically.

* Your AI from DialogueFlow or Watson.

Use your existing cloud AI engine to power your interactive avatar.

* Build your own avatar from a photo or selfie.

* Use your own avatar that you create from Adobe Fuse

* Download one of our avatars to use.

* Add expressions and emotion.

You can add expressions, emotions and mood to your AI-driven character by tagging the answers. For example you can add:

[happy] I’m glad to help you!

[sad] I’m very sorry to hear that.

That’s a great idea [sarcastic] not!

* Build your own avatar

Use a selfie or a picture of someone else to build and dress up your own avatar. Your avatar is branded as the person that you want them to be.

* No coding required.

No coding or developer is needed. You control how your avatar expert responds through a spreadsheet, and control its responses with your answers and emotional markup. The information automatically gets loaded into the mobile app.

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