My stickers for Whatsapp! Create dollify face emoji for dating, texting and chat

 Oblik: a cool and cute avatar for you and avatars for friends based on selfie. Face app Oblik is an opportunity to chat in messengers with stickers of stars and celebrities!

Do you want stickers with a star? Upload a picture or take a photo.

Smart neural technology edits your photo – Oblik AI. Turn your selfies into masterpieces or just have fun with friends, change eyes, lips, hair, beard, clothes. Create Hollywood look for stories!

 Oblik gives you the opportunity to communicate with friends using emoji on any Android phone: Samsung, Huawei, Google Pixel, HTC, Meizu, LG, Sony, Xiaomi and others.

 Face Emoji Editor

Install Oblik Memes and Jokes, and then take a photo!

Upload a photo of your favorite, star, or Instagram profile screenshot!

Get stickers, pictures, jokes, vivid emotions, look at famous people through the prisma of the game Oblic. Do not forget to make a story with a filter and send them to subscribers!

Oblik future link

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