Create your virtual clone and communicate through multiple social networks.

iHalo – bring your text messages to life in our new social network where you can create your own virtual clone and express yourself in new ways in any messenger app.

Welcome to the world of extrasensory perception, where your Halo, a “Heuristic Artificial Living Organism,” evolves over time and gives you a variety of tools to communicate in new ways. In time, your Halo will be connected via a neural interface. But for now, it starts

simple small enhancements to the way we communicate. Imagine if you could have your personalized virtual clone via artificial intelligence. Well, it’s time to be you! Start creating your Halo today and express yourself the way you want! Join a growing community and say “Halo” to your friends.

HALO EDITOR – take a selfie to create your virtual clone and change the way you look.

HALOMOJIS – create fun new ways to express yourself with personalized mojis and discover new ways to be you.

HALOTUNES – create music videos using your Halo clone which you can share with your friends.

HALOCHAT – communicate in a new way with Halo messages and your custom voice.

iHalo future link

HALOBOARD – install the Halo Keyboard and use it to send Halo messages directly from your keyboard in any app.

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