Hd live Tv

The IPTV protocol is used by different applications to capture the TV signal on the Internet and offer it on mobile

devices or computers. And that’s precisely the protocol used by an app of the likes of HD Streamz that offers us online radio and TV from different

countries in the world with over 600 channels and stations available.

Free TV and radio via streaming

We can access hundreds of TV channels and radio stations on our smartphone for free. We can browse through its huge

or explore it by categories and countries. There are movie channels, sports channels, news, entertainment…

the app doesn’t incorporate a built-in player, therefore, we’ll need to have a media player, whether Android’s native app or any other third-party development such as VLC.

Once you download its APK, you’ll be able to make the most of all the following features:

Over 600 live TV channels and radio stations.

Contents from different countries: USA, Spain, France, Germany, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka…

Different links for each channel just in case they were to go down.

User interface based on Material Design.

Fast customer services.

HD Live Tv future link

There are better applications out there such as You TV Player, for instance, but the truth is that here the user can make use of a wide range of channels that can’t be found on other apps.

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