Hits yourself

Turn up the volume and get ready for some major dance vibes!

Mamma mia! We can tell by the way you use your walk that you love to dance! Download now and place your face in

iconic dance animations to celebrate your favorite decade with the most memorable dance hits from 70s, 80s. 90s and present! From classic to modern, it’s

you love about the music. We packed the app with the top new and classic dance songs. It’s time to dance yourself with your favorite songs from your favorite decade. Create your own dance video with your friends! Calling all dance

Everybody here now! Whether you are from the disco era or a clubber, you can find iconic songs and dances that are stuck in our heads! We just want to have

fun, you know.We are not finished yet! We have dozens of songs! Are you a fan of the toxic video? Would you like to dance in the famous blue dress with the

toxic song? Then you will love our app! Come over and just dance with us!We guess you are the one that we want! Would you like to dance to the summer

Hits yourself

of grease musical? Now you can just dance with them too. Don’t miss the chance to put your face in!Enjoy every single music in our app and dance your best moves!

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