Compass gallary

Hide photos and videos

Compass vault – Hide photos and Videos

Compass vault is a gallery vault that are very diffrent from other simple gallery vaults by its unique features.

Compass used for view direction and actual vault will be opened when you long press on center point of compass.

You can hide gallery photos and videos behind secret compass using Pincode.

Hide photos,videos,audios,notes etc.

Hide Photos & Videos – Secret Vault

Compass Gallery vault is a secret vault for gallery photos and videos and music.

Now a days All people know about Gallery vault but this App is unique Fornt end display Compass and behind it you can hide all your photos and videos so No One can know you have installed Gallery Vault.

You can Hide Photos and Videos and Create Secret notes, New Way to Hide your files and enjoy Images and Videos inside Vault

Safe and Secure Gallery Vault for your Phone.

Hide your personal photos, videos & documents with our Secret Compass Vault app

Now it’s easy to hide your personal photos, Videos, Files or also documents through our one and only Secret Compass Vault-Hide Photos, Videos & Files app. Get simple and Convenient User Interface to understand application easily by any users. Keep safe your personal Images, Videos, Files or document with our Compass Vault


Secret Compass Vault-Hide Photos, Videos & Files looks simple as a Normal Secret Compass no one can get an idea about this best Secret Compass Vault app. Easy to keep the store and save your files in our smart Compass Vault app. The Best Gallery Locker app with Secret Compass and Gallery Vault which is allows facilities to hide all things with a passcode so don’t worry no one can spy your device without your permission.



_Easy to set passcode

_Security Que to easily get recovery of passcode

_Simple process to change passcode

_Easily Hide Images, Videos, Files and many more

_App Locker to protect your others app



Compass gallary vault

Compass Vault

Secret Vault

Keep safe your Images, Videos or files

Easy to Hide any files


Safe and Secure Gallery vault

Security Que to easily change the passcode

Simple to use

Clear User Interface


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