Chat Analyzer

Analyze your WhatsApp chats the easy way without losing your privacy!

Have you ever wondered who is the most talkative person in your group chat? Who starts the most conversations? What are the most common words used? Have you ever whished for a cool graph of when you and you special one talk the most during the day?

Analyze your WhatsApp chats the easiest possible way using Chat Analyzer and find out!

Simply export your chat and send it to the app: we will do all the work. You will be presented with cool stats and graphs about your chat, containing all sort of useful information. Of course, your data stay yours: we will never read it, save it or sell it.

Enjoy having a way to scientifically prove to your special one who is talking the most, presenting all the necessary data!


We DON’T store, read or save your chats.

We will NEVER read your chats and we will NEVER sell your data. All the chat

Chat Analyzer

are analyzed and immediately deleted form our system.

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