Fack screen

Scare your friends with a lot of pranks!

NEW! You can make the prank disappear earlier by pressing the lock/unlock button 5 times (by turning on/off the screen 5 times

For some devices, you have to turn on/off the screen smooth 5 times.

Prank your friends! You have many categories to choose from:

– Animals: show an animal on the top of the screen (rats, spiders, frogs. etc)

– Broken Display prank: multiple images that makes the screen look broken

– Browse image: you can choose an image from your phone and scare your friends with it

– Browse sound: you can choose a sound from your phone and scare your friends with it, while is playing in background

– Dirty Screen prank: multiple images that makes the screen look dirty screen

– Miscellaneous: other images (e.g Facebook Messenger bubble chat, Help text, etc)

– Colors: show a full screen color that makes the phone’s screen look faulty

– Insects: shows bugs and spiders invading the screen

– Fake virus prank: shows texts that tell you that your phone is infected with viruses

– Fake status bar prank: it replaces your current status bar with one of you are choosing


After you chosen a prank item, you will have the options to choose when it will appear on the screen.

You have 3 options: You can either have at start after the phone is unlocked, or have it start at a given date and time, either have it start after a number a seconds, minutes or hours.

Every prank will close itself after the amount of time you choose. (e.g 60 seconds)


You can prank your friends with a lot of broken screen images that looks like your phone was really broken and you have a crack screen prank.

Now you can scare and prank your friends with aTrick your cell phone screen to another person!

This function prevents other peoples from seeing the currently running application.

Secretary at work, Professor secretly in class! We recommend to those who want to.

It was mainly made for automatic game rotation. You can also find and use any app.

(Video recording, recording, etc.)

It is not responsible for illegal or malicious use.



– Compatible with devices including soft keys.

– Added Touch Mode, Filter Mode

Fack screen :: link


– If you have any questions, please email] weapon of your choosing.

Tamil Android New :: future link

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