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Auto Reply for WhatsApp messages, Autoresponder for WA Business, Auto Answer app


Auto reply for WhatsApp – automatic reply with text message to incoming WhatsApp messages when you arebusy, away, in a meeting, in school, on vacation, on leave, out of office. In addition, while you are driving, watching a movie, sleeping, or just when you would prefer not to be disturbed.

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What WhatsApp Autoresponder App (resposta automatica whatsapp) can do for you?

Setup multiple profiles for auto reply to WhatsApp messages (one for driving / sleeping / meeting etc.)

Add unlimited new or customize existing reply messages

You can send automatic reply using WhatsApp native emoji set + 157 new emojis

I  out, will you back at

Personalized list – auto reply with personal messages for certain people, while others getting generic reply

Don’t Reply list – do not auto response to messages of people you don’t want to reply to

Reply only to personalized list – auto response only to one or few contacts / phone numbers

Automaticscheduler for WhatsApp Auto Reply (mensagem automatica whatsapp)

• by time

• by date

• by week days

Reply ONLY to your CONTACTS or NON CONTACTS or both

Auto reply for WhatsApp Groups

More reply rules

• Send only one auto reply to the same phone number / contact, when whatsapp bot is ON

• Set delay for auto reply to second message from the same phone number.

• Or auto reply continuously to the same phone number / contact

Autoresponder WhatsApp app reply to WhatsApp messages from contacts, groups and unknown numbers

You can personalize your WhatsApp autoresponder outgoing automatic message with tag names – Hi {First Name}, I will meet you at ….

Back up your configuration and settings to Google Drive. You can restore them when you REINSTALL autoresponder WhatsApp app.

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WhatsApp autoresponder app will turn ON and OFF automatically according to schedule you have set

ChatBot WhatsApp app uses virtually no battery power, CPU time and RAM


Default auto reply for WhatsApp status

1- touch turn WhatsApp auto reply on/off manually

TTS – Text to speech service for incoming WhatsApp messages

• Read out incoming messages aloud when they arrive

• Adjust Reading speed

• Read incoming messages without reply

Auto reply for WhatsApp Business

Auto reply for WhatsApp Business Groups



Auto Reply to WhatsApp Web

Even if you have, WhatsApp Web opened on your computer; you can turn WhatsApp bot Auto Reply On and leave it running on your phone. As long as notifications appear in the notification bar WhatsApp bot will work as usual and auto reply according to profile settings.

Auto Reply with MMS

MMS ARE NOT SUPPORTED by Autoresponder WhatsApp bot, so images, videos, audio, other media files cannot be sent.


Auto reply to WhatsApp Calls

WhatsApp Autoresponder app CANNOT REPLY to WhatsApp calls, since WhatsApp do not show calls notifications.

You can customize WhatsApp auto reply bot to suit your needs with different available settings.

Autoresponder WhatsApp bot reply to personal or group Chat / conversation

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All replied notifications are deleted from the notification tray. All unanswered messages will stay for your attention. You can see status of all messages in the app’s Sent Messages Report. Press on the entry to see detailed reports with recipients name or phone number.

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Easily set automatic replies messages on your phone for any occasion and don’t be disturbed any more when you’re busy or away. It is important especially to reply ASAP requests

This app have no affiliation with WhatsApp Inc.

WhatsApp is a trademark of WhatsApp INC

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