Notification reder

Listen to all notifications and alerts of your device apps.


So many Apps that make our lives easy!!!

But so many Notifications that clutter our phone…

Presenting Voice Notification for whatsapp, SMS Notify box; an all in one Voice assistant that lets you listen to all your notifications without having to open them up on your screen.

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Get ready for the voice operated notification reader which reads the voice notifications for you so that you do not have to read them yourself and some additional features such as announcing the caller’s name, reading messages, smart notifications showing the status of battery call and notification alert


A normal person gets around 20 Shout out voice notifications a day. Read voice notification in one go now using notification alert app. Receive a notify box of who is calling or sending you a message and notifications without looking at your phone voice notification reader


Notification Alert allows you to easily turn the text of notification alert into a voice commentary that can be fun and meet needs. Automatic message reader with the notify box Blue ticks application is really useful when hands are busy, especially when you drive a car or do something, because all incoming messages, notification alerts are read out loud hands.

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In notify box Blue ticks reader app the speaker Call is an advertiser that displays the name of the caller, the sender of SMS sender name, and the spokesperson notification. Hide blue ticks


Shout out Voice Notification Reader for whatsApp Features

Shake the phone to mute Shout out voice notifications.

– Configurable night.

– Automatically deactivate Shout out voice notification alert when playing music.

– Notify only when the headset is plugged in with notification reader

– Enable / disable the service to easily read Shout out voice notification alert with notify box Blue ticks.

– Select the applications from which you would like to read the Shout out voice notification alert

– Set the speed according to selection using voice operated notification reader and drive safe


SMS notification The speaker uses Android’s text-to-speech engine to indicate the name of the caller, the name of sender or that triggered the name of the application.


– You can select announcements for caller names of contacts, for example,only when boss calls with notify box Blue ticks


Drive safe


Focus on the road by driving or having read messages as you please.


Enjoy music without distraction


Enjoy music like never before and drive safe. Do not let your music spoil from notifications.




Shout out notification alert helps you to receive notifications effortlessly. It will make your notification reader available through your phone’s handsfree or headset, or through a connected Bluetooth device, ignoring notifications that might bother you.



– Caller name speaker feature allows you to select commercials for different phone modes such as ringing, vibration and silence.Drive safe


Download “Voice Notification Reader For WhatsApp, SMS Notify Box Blue ticks and give suggestions.

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