Swipe’s theming engine is next level. There’s just no comparison.


While theming isn’t new, you can now assign each theme element their own color you can even put in hex codes If tinkering isn’t for you, we have some beautiful preset ones we’re sure you’ll love!


You can even change how the app looks and feels  whether tabs are at the top or bottom, titles are centered or left-aligned, card or flat views, and whether to use the classic Floating Action Button or the modern swipe up Bottom Sheet Menu.


The icing on the cake is that you can set these separately for both the day and night themes, and themes can switch automatically in the morning and evNo one likes them, and in Swipe, you don’t have to endure them! There are absolutely no advertisements from Swipe, and sponsored content from Facebook can be blocked as well. There’s also no tracking in Swipe your connection is encrypted and any data you share goes directly to Facebook’s servers.When you can have both for less than 5MB, the decision in 2014 to split the most popular social media app doesn’t really make much sense. Switching to Swipe saves you hundreds of MB on your phone, so that you can use the extra space saved for things that matter most.


As an added bonus, Swipe comes with Chat Heads too! Keep on chatting away with friends even when you’re using another apIt isn’t really a secret – the official app is bloated, slow, power hungry, and doesn’t have your privacy in mind. Many alternatives have tried, but surely, you’ve found most just lack in overall quality.


That’s why Swipe is your answer with a robust day/night theming engine, Messages access built-in Chat Heads included, customizable widget for your notifications and messages, as well as an ad blocker to filter out the noise, you’ll find lots to lovep.


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