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You have trouble with Lock/Unlock button? Easy Screen Lock/Unlock without button


You have trouble with your Lock/Unlock button? Pressing the button too many time may cause damage to it. As the result, your Lock/Unlock button is hard to press or even malfunctioned. With this app you can Lock/Unlock your phone without touching the butto


This is the best app to lock screen with consume less resources and save battery powe

To Deactivate the app, please open app and click the “Inactive/Uninstall” button


After installing this free app, your phone has become smarter with the following superior function


Turn Off Scre


Screen off via notification with one touch. You can turn off screen in the Lock scre

Double-Click HOME button to lock quickl

Add shortcuts Screen Off Button on the scree

Widget and Shortcut to easy lock your phon

Or you can set to Unlock when you open the ap

Easy to us

Support Android 8


Turn On Scre


Turn on screen by pressing the volume keys up or do

Shake to unlock device. Allow you to customize the shake strengt

Double tap to turn on scree



This app uses the Device Administrator permissio

To uninstall app, open and click uninstall butto

If you setting unlock with Fingerpint, Iris Scanner or Face Recognition. When you use this to lock, may be take a short time to your phone turn of


Lock your phone with ease without using the physical butt

llows you to lock your phone without using the physical butto


Lock the screen with a single click throw the shortcut on your home screen, by shaking the phone or by using the head popup. You can choose the degree of shake sensitivit


If you don’t want to waste your physical button or if the button is not in the reach of your finger, Easy Lock is the best solution for yo


Easy Lock allows you to configure the applicatio

Lock Screen» is the shortcut that allows you to lock the phone in one click (Can be found in the widgets list)


This app uses the Device Administrator permissionOne touch to lock your phone screen, protect your privacy with just one ta


The easiest app to lock your screen! Lock your phone like iPhone assistive too


Easy Lock Screen is really simple and easy to use, all you need is just one tap on the icon and you can lock your phone screen, you can also add desktop widget to help with your operations


Easy Lock Screen can protect your privacy, prevent others invade your phone illegally




Settings-security-device management-deactive one touch screen lock


This app uses the Device Administrator permission

BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN: Only used to lock device screen andturn off the screen of your deviceScreen Lock, the Smart lock and off app with professional Animation.


Screen Lock, is created to extend the life of hardware power button by using the feature within the app. Support for both Admin lock and Smart lock system. Easy to Screen off and lock the device depending on your selected preferences.


This app uses the Device administrator permission. Necessary for the app to lock with Admin lock. Read write system settings permission to enable Smart lock system if needed.


This app uses Accessibility service. It is optional for only Android 9 and above. Used only for taking advantage of internal Screen Lock option to overcome the delay in Smart lock system.


One tap to off and lock the device using:

Admin lock (Shortcut)

Smart lock (Shortcut)

Screen lock widget

Admin lock and Smart lock from notification

Floating widget


Screen lock using available device sensors for both lock and wakeup feature:

Flip cover

Air swipe

Desk option

Awesome shake


Usability enhancements:

Movement listener’ option for destruction-free reading experience.

On home screen’ for easy going.

Pause on landscape’ to play games effortlessly.

Pause on call’ to let the device follow its default course of action.


Personalisation features:

Animations to pick for Phone lock experience. Vibration feedback upon Phone locked. Lock and unlock sound at varied points to play the tone you love to hear. Sound volume is picked from notification sound as volume and can be further adjusted with ease, also respects DND mode.


Highly customisable lock icon with easy to use interface. Option to use Metallic and Material icon as choice for both Admin lock and Smart lock.


Animation speed is adjusted with Transition animation scale,” and Animator duration scale”. Our advice, use 1x for best ‘Screen Off’ experience. The changes may take place after lock and unlock.


Note 1: Device administration must be disabled before uninstalling.


Note 2: Disable default device lock and unlock sound, if applying from this app.


Any suggestions for improving Screen lock app are most welcome. We’ll do our best to present you desired usage experience.onfnntenhwnen+epenyenens permissiontime to your phone turn off

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