Hide call num

Simple phone contacts manager .that allow you to hide your phone number

With this simple phone contacts manager you can set who can see your phone number and who can’t (hide  phone numbe

by adding the hide code (of your country) and selecting contacts ,you can hide your phone number for specific contacts or for all of them..

Simple app  to hide phone number  hide caller ID. in order to protect your privacy  when calling

Possibility to use it as an alternative contact manager or a phone dialer.Protect Caller Name & Numbers using Hide Phone Number, Calls Blacklist & Bloc

Using this Hide Phone Number, Calls Blacklist & Block app you can protect the caller name & caller number from anyone when calling. Simply enable hide phone number feature and enjoy privacy of your callers and phone numbers. Hide Phone Number, Calls Blacklist & Block is on the best app for you smart to handle call related tasks, like you want to hide the caller name and caller number or want to make big caller screen for quick identity. Want to set the Flash Alert for Calls or Need some caller name announce

Want to hide the phone number or want to hide the caller identity. To hide caller number enable the hide caller name and number feature in the relevant module. This App will hide the caller name and caller number on incoming calls or when you call to the number and will not display on the screen. So you can safe or protect name and number to be exposed to anyone. This Hide Caller Number and Name module will increase the privacy of your callers and call without any hesitation, don’t be in fear to expose number and name to anyone. This hide phone number free app with many other calling features like to make a big screen caller id for incoming and outgoing. Block any number or unwanted calls, block strangers, speak the caller name and also can add animation and background colorful styles in the caller screen. Hide Phone number on calling will increase you privacy and hide personal number to expose

Call Blocke

Free & simple private call blocker app is to block unwanted calls, messages app is here to block unwanted numbers that are create problems or creating worried situations. You just need to add number or also can choose form contact list. Use block calls or text app and make your life tension free

Download this free block phone call and messages app fre

Block Call & Spam message using phone number

Block Calls free, easy to use app and block phone call

Free download private call blocker app fre

Caller Name Announcer

Looking for best caller name announcer app? Then this app will help to speak the caller name loudly. If number is already in your contact list and saved then it say the caller name otherwise simple tells you the known number is calling. This caller name announcer SMS talker is free to download form play store, download and enable caller names speaker module and the caller name ringtone app free today! This caller name calling app is free many other calling features

Enable or disable announce incoming SM

Enable or disable Caller Name Announce

Speak Caller Name on incoming cal

Free download caller name announcer for androi

Flash Alert on Incoming call

Activate Flash light blinking on incoming calls; you can disable this at any time. When you activate this Flash Alert Blinking on Incoming call this activate the flash light and start blinking to notify about the call came in

Caller Scree

Change and Improve you Caller screen with beautiful background animated wallpapers that looks awesome on incoming and change you small call id to big one. This feature enables the full screen id you can set or update the animation at any time

Hide Phone Number, Protect your Caller identit

Improve your privacy about private and personal call

Publicly Speak the Caller Name, this your ultimate caller name announcer app fre

Free name announce in incoming call in Hindi, Englis

Free download this phone caller name announce

Call and SMS name announcer app free with call blocks, hide numbers and much mor

Complete calls solution, Smart app for android user

Hide phone number caller id app will hide the phone when calling someonehide for your phone contact and full sefty digit password

All of us have certain phone numbers in our contacts which we don’t want others to see. So we have created an app where you can hide your selected contact which cannot be accessed or seen without passwor

How does it work

1st create your 4 digit passwor

Enter the app and click on “Contacts

You can access and call the hidden contacts from Secured sectionof the app.

When you open the application to check your secured contacts, the app will open only if you enter the password created by you. So no one will be able to open and access your secured contact list

The app cannot hide call logs from secured contacts. The app has a clear log button, click on which will clear all the call logs

You can add directly new contacts from “Secured” section of the app. The new contact will directly be stored in your secured listMain Feature Of Application Screen Recorder  Create Contact Group in the app to keep track of any number of private contac

mport from device’c contact list. Be careful because when doing that the app will move the contact from device contact list to private area

Put hidden contact from private area back to device’s contact list

Create hidden contact yourself in private area

If you don’t remember your passcode, you can recover it by using email that you have to provide right after you entered the passcode

Thank You Hide incoming calls, protect incoming calls by password and fake background.

Protect your incoming calls using your own password & fake background.

Simple & Free

Nobody can answer/reject your incoming calls anymore.

Nobody supposed to know who is calling you anymore

How to use Hide Call Num:

To enable App, click on Activate service.

To disable App, click on De-Activate service.

To Edit your password, click on Update my password to update it.

To choose a fake background, click on Select Background.

Important Notes:

If you use a fake background, then you have to press back button three times in order to show password box.

If you click on reset button, then password will return to default

If you restart your mobile, then you will have to activate service again.

If you forget your password, then simply restart your mobile and open the app and update your password.


We make it simple & we provide it for free serhesy!n!sdls hone when calling someoner.

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