Keep your photos safe, as you like Gallery and Photo Editing

In your photos, you can make all the settings you can think of through this gallery !

Exposure, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Shadow, Accent or Tone settings, etc

Find it right now with this regular gallery from thousands of photo

Crop your photos as you like

You can crop other photos to fit the size of your photos

You can edit your pictures with various filtering methods

You can keep your photos both better and more organized

High Quality Slide Sh

You will be able to enjoy your memorable memories of your photos in a slideshow

To make your photos even more beautiful; clarity, ornaments, holy light


You will also be able to share these self-made photos on your social accounts

You will be able to keep your memories in that day, that year, that night, in the most appropriate way

Gallery Pro 4K Feature Create your own album yourself Add descriptions of photos and videosDescribe photos or videos according to the color, year, and even picture of the year Photo Albums (3D

Crop featur You can set it as lock screen

Grid vie When your device changes orientation, it will immediately adapt to your photos and video

Start scanning the photos in the gallery for the last time You do not need to start the first picture

Set as Backgroun

Auto Hide Action bar protects your photos will contribute to your protection

Customize your gallery settings as you like

You can also see the date of your photo Filmstrip appearanc

Create slide sho

You can bring your photos in white paper form

Sharing featureCreate an awesome 3D photo for Facebook profile without PC or iPhone

Want to create  3D Photo using your own 2D photo? Use the 3D Photo Creator app  to create, share, and view a 3D photo with android device

asically what we will be doing is manually creating a depth map which is something that dual lens phones create automatically. With 3d photo creator, you are able to create 3d photo on android device without using pc or iPhone

The 3D photos can be viewed immediately by everyone via smartphone, desktop browser or Oculus VR

Social media site Facebook has a new feature, called 3D photo, which adds a layer of depth to photos in your news feed. The company described it as a “new way to share your memories and moments in time with a fun, lifelike dimension in both news feed and VR”. It can capture the distance between the subject in the foreground and the background of a photo to bring scenes to life with depth and movement

For more details, you can check bellow YouTube links for how to create and upload a 3d photo for Facebook profile from android devicYour Photo Gallery in 3D using

HoloKilo analyzes your photos and creates interactive 3D pictures of them. It does this with the help of clever AI


View all your photos on your phone in 3D!

Capture and view straight from your camera

Convert the image to 3D Wigglegram GIF

Save the depthmap (image with depth data) to phone

Set your 3D photos as interactive LucidPix helps you create, edit & share 3D photos. Try it for free!

Create, edit, and share 3D photos  that really pop! Capture or make any photo 3D, customize with color filters, fun 3D frames, and 3D text or emojis. Share on social media, directly with friends in messaging apps, or in the LucidPix 3D Gallery.

There’s no need for special glasses, a 3D screen or even multiple cameras. Our advanced depth creation AI creates amazing 3D photos on virtually any Android phone. Download LucidPix for free  and join over 1,000,000 3D photo makers today!

LucidPix Features:

Take real 3D Photos and 3D Selfies  on any device

Large collection of fun 3D Frames to add to your photos, with more added weekly

Add your own 3D Text  atop your photos

Add Instagram-style filters to your creations

Enhance your regular 2D photos with AI-generated depth to create 3D Photos with just one tap

Easily share your 3D creations on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok & more

Take, edit and post Facebook 3D Photos on any device

Simple to use 3D Photo Maker, no special skills required

Create mp4 videos and animated GIFs  of your 3D Photos to share anywhere

Capture virtual reality content to be used with your favorite VR headset

App under development, more features added weeklywallpaper

white paper form.

Sharing feature

Download link

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