Floating And multiple

Make best use of your big screen Multitask by using floating apps

Floating apps  youtube, facebook, twitter, calculator, voice recorde

timer, stopwatch, browser, flashlight, notes, magnifier, mirror, system info

Open multiple apps at the same time

Make maximum use of screen

Minimize them and use other app

Play You tube in the backgrou

Use facebook and twitter at the same tim

Free PDF viewer/readerIncrease your productivity and enjoy true multitaskin

Notice: Overlays does NOT support Freeform or window mode for real applications. See list of supported floating apps below. Please contact me regarding any suggestion or bu

Overlays  your Floating Apps Launche

Launch multiple floating apps on top of any other application to increase your productivity and enjoy true multitasking

Overlays is a launcher that floats above your launcher.

Unlike your home launcher, it is accessible from anywhere at any time without leaving your current app

It is packed with features and is fully customizable so explore it well

Multitasking made ea

Listen to music while using other app

Multitask with your widgets outside your home launche

Turn any website to a floating ap

Minimize your floating apps to floating bubble

Use the Sidebar to access your floating apps from anywher

Float a screen filter to reduce screen brightness even more

Translate text without leaving the current applicatio

Multitask on your secondary screen (supports Samsung Dex

The options are endless

Included Floating Ap

Floating Widget

Floating Shortcut

Floating Browse

Floating Apps Launche

Floating Volume Contro

Floating Sideba

Floating Map

Floating Image SlideshowOverlays Pro

Floating Media Player for Video & Audio Overlays Pro

Floating Multiple Tally Counter (Overlays Pro

Floating Camera, Translate, Calculator, Dialer and Contacts, Timer, Stopwatch, Weather, Clock, Battery, Flashlight, Navigation Bar Assistive touch, Screenshot button (Android , Screen Filter, Clipboard (Android 9 and below), Simple Text and more

Customize your experien

Different size and position per screen orientatioColors and transparenc

Click throug

Different move option

Hide on orientation chang

Sticky grid for pixel perfect alignmen

ZOrder: Sort overlays in layers (Overlays Pro

Many other options to fully customize your experience

Ready for more? Unleash the power of Automatio

Show your music widget when you plug in your headseFloat important shortcuts when in your ca

Switch profiles when connected to your home WiF

Launch a floating app only when a specific application is runnin

Not enough? Automate everything with Tasker Overlays Pro

Need help? Something’s not workin

Contact me! I’m very responsive and always continue to improve Overlays and add new featureFloating apps to Access different apps to use at same time with multitasking

Use more than one apps simultaneously at the same time in floating window multi-tab. Relish floating apps in multitasking with more than one app at a same time to use. Real multitasking in multi window split view to use and access apps free. Enable multitasking in your mobile device and open more apps at same time. Floating apps renders the best experience to use real multitasking on your android. Floating apps control provides minimize and split screen along with mutitab. Dual display for multiple apps to use them at once with floating apps multitasking

Relish true multitasking and floating apps with overlays to use many apps at once. Multitasking in your smart phone providing benefits including multi-tab open and floating apps multitasking. Float widgets and apps to use and open simultaneously. Use calculator, calendar, notes, email, browser and other social apps with mobile multitasking. Multi window and split view to use many other apps in the same mobile. Drag or reposition app window size and maximize or minimize accordingl

Use multiple apps at the same ti

Calculate or see notes or use browser simultaneousl

Multi window and split view displa

Floating widgets and floating apps multitaskin

Minimize or maximize app windo

Use different apps without leaving current ap


Experience the real multitasking and stop switching from app to another. Split apps view to use the multi window for many apps using floating app multitasking. Use recent apps and shortcuts or floatings app through floating menu. Access multiple apps in separate window in multitasking for many app



Floating apps, menu with multitaskin

Split view and multi window

Multi-tab to use many apps at onc

Easy to use with friendly UIUnlock full potential of your Brain, Enjoy Multitasking while doing boring work


This Application is for multitasking lover


Those Who think that They Have Lot more Capabilities Than to Do one Thing at a tim

this App will help you to do several Task Together With  Eas


Apps Included


1.Notes Full Featured Floating note making application with saving, Editing, deleting enables you to make your notes easily on any screen of your phone


2.Paint Show Your Creativity using this app, U can draw on phone screen and take screensho


3.YoutubeNow Browse Youtube while doing other task youtube window will float on top of phones which enables see  tutorials while playing Games or solving a Questi


4.Stopwatch Now U can use stopwatch while doing some important task to check progress in your spee


5.Countdown timer Use floating countdown timer to complete any task in a fix tim


6.Translate Translate while chatting with your frien


7.Facebook:supported on Android 4.4 (KitKat) and above. Use Facebook while doing other task


8.Browser Browse Websites when needed from any screen


9.Maps Full Featured google Map can be use over any screeEnable multi-tasking & open multiple apps in your smart phone with floating app

Access multiple apps simultaneously using the floating apps feature. Enable multitasking for your smart phone, use split view for multiple apps based on app usage. Create your own multi window and dual display with multimode split screen options.

Maximize the use of your mobile by using multiple apps at a same time. Use browser, calendar, contacts and more simultaneously with floating apps. Mange the use of multiple apps entirely with single smart phone with split screen options.

Mobile tasking multiple is as easy as you think, open more than one apps in your phone surely using the mini floating apps feature. Get multi display for your apps and access more than one apps truly with multi floating apps.

Relish the multi view for many apps in your phone. Use split view, minimize and access multiple apps at the same time. Now you don’t need another phone for access multiple apps. Simply enable multitasking with dual display in your smart phone.

Get the app and choose your desired apps in multiple screen. Select the mobile tasking multi app feature by choosing with your own choice. Drag reposition app windows and maximize or minimize apps easily for floating apps features.

Key Features

Ultimate features for accessing for than one app

Friendly UI and interface for using multiple apps

Multi modes with split screen options

Multi tabs for each app with customization optionsn d.ont gess.pwgyymey se with friendly

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